March 2017 Customer Service Superstar

Urbandale Health Care Center is proud to nominate Muska Halilovic for Customer Service Superstar for the month of March. Muska has been a cook at Urbandale Health Care for the past 6 years. During that time she has become a leader in her department. When Don, Dietary Manager, is out of the building we can count on Muska to be our go to kitchen lead, helping us with any questions we may have along the way. Muska always has a smile on her face and is available to lend a helping hand at a moment’s notice. Muska takes time to talk to residents as she walks down the hallway, her infectious smile and laugh brightens the day of those around her.

Mushka did an awesome job of making events on St. Patrick’s Day a success for our residents. Our Dietary Manager was off that day, and Mushka was cooking for the noon meal. They had an extremely busy morning as they had a delivery of food arrive that had to be dated and put away. She had a special holiday meal to prepare and serve to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Not only did she have the regular meal items ready, she also prepared 3 extra items including Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Red Potatoes. To top it all off…our facility was lucky enough to have the opportunity to host a very special group of professional singing performers, the Jersey Boys, only in town for a few days performing at the Civic Center. Our facility had limited options as to times to schedule the performance, all of which overlapped lunch service in the dining room. Our facility was able to schedule the performers to come at the tail end of lunch, which meant we needed to start lunch service a little early to make sure all of the residents had time to eat, and then get the dining room turned around for this special entertainment opportunity for our residents. Mushka was more than a team player that day. She never complained, or doubted in any way we could make this day super special for our residents in more ways than one. She assisted the kitchen staff in getting the order put away, she made the special holiday lunch menu items, and was ready to serve all lunch items a half hour early to ensure residents could host the special singing group the Jersey Boys. Mushka was a Rock Star. She put residents first, and she worked diligently behind the scenes with a smile on her face to accomplish her goals that day. The holiday events ran extremely smooth due to her positive attitude, and hard work. We had over 80 residents, families, and guests at the performance that took place in our dining room, just minutes after the time we normally would have been finishing lunch service. Thank you Mushka for making a lasting difference in the lives of our residents and many others that day!

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