Inspirational UHCC Women | National Womens Day 2017

Betty has always been a hard worker and makes the best out of every situation. She married young and had 3 beautiful boys, raising them on a farm outside of Des Moines. Sadly a couple of years into her marriage her husband passed leaving her a 700 acre farm and three young boys to care for. Along with help from her boys Betty managed the farm. From taking care of the horses, cows, goats, and sheep to harvesting the corn and oats, she did it all. When asked about her hardest day of working on the farm Betty simply said. 
“The hardest day was saying goodbye to the farm.”

She is an inspiration to all parents who work hard to keep their family financially and emotionally supported. 

Geri graduated with an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University in Architectural/Interior Design and a graduate degree from University of Minnesota in Related Art. She was a professor, entrepreneur, and interior design enthusiast. From a very young age Geri knew she wanted to be in education. While working as a professor at Drake University Geri also owned a business called The Classics that was located in capital square. She said she called it The Classics because ” ‘Classic’ represents the best of the old and the best of the new. I showed off old European and American antiques as well as up and coming architect and furniture designs.” Geri sometimes taught classes at her business because she felt it was important to teach students the value of applying their education to the community. When reminiscing about those classes she said “You can’t teach something if you don’t believe in the product.” And if she had one piece of advice for new professors it is “Always be available and always make the time.”

Geri is an inspiration to us because of her vision to empower young students to achieve their dreams. She is a mentor, educator, mother, and loving wife that uses humor and intelligence to further her personal and professional life.

Alita grew up in the Philippines where she built a career as an educator. She taught preschool as well as college courses within her community. From day one of starting her career she had an end goal in mind, to move to America. She wanted to achieve this goal because she knew America would provide opportunities for her and her children to further their education. After 10 years of working within education in the Philippines she was allotted a year of absence with pay. She took that opportunity to move her family and right away got a position within education. She is proud of her achievements but most of all of her children. All seven were able to pursue higher education degrees and are working within a field that excites and interests them.

Alita inspires us because she is the true American dream. She worked hard, had a goal in mind, and advocated to create a good life for herself and her kids.

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